The future is technology. There is a need for companies to become technologically inclined. Gilnat understands the changes occurring and has the suitable structures to help innovate. Through digitalization, we also help clienteles capitalize on digital opportunities.

Threats and attacks are emerging daily in the cyber world, causing reputational damage to businesses and brands through phishing, malware, ransomware, etc. Gilnat cybersecurity is here to help its clientele to reach more intelligent, faster, and connected futures by providing insights and tools to protect clients against attacks and unpredicted threats.

Gilnat is a new startup whose focal point is helping government, commercial, civilians, individuals, and organizations succeed in cybersecurity. We tackle every project differently through customized advisory and instruments to find tailored solutions to censorious issues and fulfill your goals.


With our expertise and background, our knowledgeable team (engineers, consultants) works hand in hand to help solve issues facing the private and public sectors.

Due to the adaptation of modern technology, new products are constantly being reviewed and added to our tools.