Civil Government

We help Clienteles deliver better government services to the citizens through fresh perspectives on technology, workforce, and customer service, including data security and safety.


Our company's core is cybersecurity, so we know how cyber threats and attacks come about. Our dynamic experiences ensure that our clients are free of attacks as new technology is added to enhance businesses by putting systems that work effectively and efficiently for them while still protecting their confidentiality.


We help healthcare organizations make high-quality healthcare accessible and affordable to everyone. Also, through new technologies, we help make healthcare digital (e.g., Telehealth) by developing strategies to fit changing consumer behaviors.


Through our work, we help build technological solutions that protect clients from threats while also assisting clients in operating efficiently.

Energy, Resources & Utilities

We can all tell the changes the energy industries face, new technologies, the uncertainty that comes from the future, investing in the right technology, and even competitors. Gilnat would help reshape your business in the public and private sectors by focusing on the structure, capabilities, and technology needed to meet today’s needs and future purposes.


Technological innovation is central to intelligence. With a combination of expertise, we help drive clients’ goals.